Celebrating the Australian voice in poetry and music

Collaboration + Imagination = Inspiration

The Pure Poetry platform explores the meeting point of poetry and music. The project’s aim is to challenge and extend audiences through cross-disciplinary collaboration. Pianist and poet, Bronwyn Blaiklock, founded the Pure Poetry project.

The Pure Poetry project has contributed to both the Australian literature and classical music repertoire for over a decade through commissions, mentorships, regional tours, masterclasses in addition to public recitals.

Recent Events

A cross-disciplinary project between Bronwyn Blaiklock, dancer Lily Paskas, and filmmaker Erin McCuskey took flight in the midst of the global pandemic. Featuring the divine music of Alberto Ginastera, the short film ‘Intimacy in Isolation’ was launched in March 2022 – watch this space for the link.

An exciting new chapter has begun in the Pure Poetry story. More collaboration, more creations, different platforms. Since March 2021, there is a new micro-venue on Wadawurrung country/Ballarat, called Chisholm St. This performance space for regional musicians and poets will surprise and delight, and also evade most – finding the connection is half the fun.