2013 Gallery

Photography: Nadine Cranenburgh


In a Close Orbit, Anthony Lyons. Performed by Bronwyn Blaiklock (piano).

Trajectory, written and performed by Ross Gillett. Written in response to the piece, In a Close Orbit.

We String out Along the Sand / Dead Penguins , Musical score was written by Anthony Lyons in 2011 in response to Nathan Curnow’s poem, Dead Penguins. This is a live performance from the 2013 recital by Lachlan Dent (cello), Anthony Lyons (electronics) and Nathan Curnow. Recorded by Duncan Stephen.

Song of the Goldfields (excerpt), Bronwyn Blaiklock (poem) and Ann Carr-Boyd (score). Premiered by Judith Dodsworth (soprano), Leigh Harrold (piano) and Lachlan Dent (cello) in the 2013 recital. Recorded by Duncan StephenBuy the score from Wirripang

Toward the Harbour and Out, written and performed by Nathan Curnow for the 2011 project. Written in response to Earth Dance by Ross Edwards for flute and piano.

Except where noted, all tracks were recorded live at the 2011 Pure Poetry Recital.
Recorded and produced by Haig Burnell.

2011 Gallery

Photography: Drew Burns

2010 Gallery

Photography: Drew Burns


Artists talk about creative collaboration and other joys in this radio broadcast by Amy Tsilemanis for Tinderbox Radio (Pure Poetry 2013).

Pure Poetry Anthology

A limited edition poetry anthology is available for $15 (includes postage). It contains all poetry from the 2013 project, and features from projects presented in the NSW Riverina and across Victoria, 2004-2013. Email Bronwyn to order your copy.

2008 Gallery

Photography: Nadine Cranenburgh