Week 1: Sun1-Sat 7 July

Crazy stuff. The first submission hit my email inbox on Monday afternoon, one day into the first week. It was all correctly reassembled, correctly titled and poeted (authored?). Three more submissions came in that week, only one of which was incorrect. Not too far wrong – just two lines reversed. And they all knew the title and poet – ‘The Man from Snowy River’ by Banjo Patterson.

Congratulations to Joe whose speedy entry won him the first free coffee for the residency. You have scored a chance in the draw for the Residency prize. Joe said:

“I like the challenge. I never thought on a

week 1
The first stanza from AB (Banjo) Patterson’s poem ‘The Man from Snowy River’

Monday afternoon I would be reading poetry. In fact never in a million years would have read poetry. Thank you for the idea.”

Congrats also to Lyndal and Kaylea, Kathy and Prue for their entries. You’ll have to be quicker next time!

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