Week 2: 8-14 July

A trip back to primary school is what the week 2 quiz offered. I had dug out an old hard-cover from my shelf, its plastic sleeve cracked at the corners: C.J. Dennis, ‘A Book for Kids’ (Angus & Robertson). Inside the front cover, a note:

“Bronwyn. With love from Mummy and Daddy. 6th Birthday, 1978.”

Turn the page and there is an attempt at my full name, some letters bulging where the pen had tried to make a run for it. I wouldn’t have had my pen license by then, so I was clearly living dangerously at a young age.

It seems the Big Kid Approach to poem selection won some friends. Entries doubled this week! Or perhaps it was C.J. Dennis’ tight rhymes that made it easy to reassemble, even if you didn’t know the poem. One family demonstrated exactly that, when on the last day of week 2, they insisted – no, begged – that I didn’t take the quiz away just yet because they hadn’t done that one yet. Their attempt was faultless, yet they hadn’t heard of the work, nor could they name the poet. They had clearly paid attention in primary school rhyming class though.

Congratulations to Beatrice (or is that BJ? Very apt for this week’s poet!) for getting the first correct entry in. Go get your free caffeine hit at The Bean Barn, and good luck in the prize draw. Yes, it was the opening stanza from ‘The Triantiwontigongolope’ – the strangest critter you’ll ever see… Make sure you read the whole poem.

Other splendid reassembling was noted by: Stephanie and Rebecca, Joe (again), Kate, Ellen, Kevin, Helen and Paula, Roisin and (another) Kate.

Poet C.J. Dennis – poem first published in ‘A Book for Kids’, 1921.
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