Writing festival this weekend!

Festival on this weekend 1-2 September 2012

Around the edges of my days I volunteer for a community organisation called Ballarat Writers Inc. We’re a collection of writers of different flavours who are keen to support the development of writers and writing in the region – and we all do it for nix. Or at least for the enjoyment of Making Things Happen. And we do. In a big way for a small group.

A committee of eight organises an annual program of events for local writers and members including writing workshops, readings, two competitions each offering a $1,000 first prize, and other sundry Good Times. A major event of our year is the Ballarat Writers & Illustrators Festival, which is coming up THIS weekend, 1-2 September. It’s the only children’s and young adult (CYA) in the state and we are mighty proud of it. This year we’ll bring over two dozen authors, illustrators, publishers and editors to town to share current trends in the CYA industry. It’ll be a blast. If you are wondering about digital developments and their impact on the scene, you won’t want to miss any of this weekend’s panel sessions. You’ll get answers. You’ll also have the chance to hear publishers’  views on your work by submitting the first page of your CYA work at the festival. You’ll have to be there to hear it though… So who will be there? To name just a few: Nicolas Brasch, Anna Ciddor, Leanne Hall, Sue Lawson, Ebony McKenna, Vincenzo Pignatelli, Jeanette Rowe… the list goes on. Do yourself a favour and find out more.

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