Parting words

I’ve decided. After some inner wrangling over the benefits of continuing with this blog, at this particular juncture the best thing is for me to stop.

With the poetry residency over, I had considered segueing into a broader consideration of poetry, to include the musical kind, for example. One thing I haven’t mentioned is that I am also a concert pianist. Four days after my end-of-residency poetry reading, I played a concert in Ballarat with a dear clarinet-wielding friend. Not sure of the intelligence behind the decision to hold a poetry reading and a concert in the same week, but that’s how it happened.

Contemporary clarinet and piano
Presented in conjunction with the Art Gallery of Ballarat exhibition ‘Capturing Flora: 300 years of Australian botanical art’

No surprise really – I’ve been squeezing things in around the edges of my days for as long as I can remember because choosing between writing and music was never an option. To do so would be akin to lopping off my left arm in preference for my right: not good for overall coordination and well-being. Any attempt I’ve made over the years to restrict one in favour of the other has resulted in diminished capacity all round – as though someone turned off the oxygen tank.

But I have hit my limit as far as fitting it all in goes. You see, a big incentive to stop has arrived: the impending birth of my child. Any day, they say.

So while there might be more poetic adventures to share in the future, this is it for now. THANKS to you who have followed this blog, I’ve appreciated it. Take care, write on, and I’ll read you around another time.

Bronwyn Blaiklock


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